Northwoods Strings Ensembles

NorthWoods Strings will continue to offer some online events this year as well as beginning to bridge back to in person ensembles for the 2022/2023 school year. Please visit our Events & Programing page to learn more. 

About NorthWoods String Ensembles

Our Ensembles are named after the woods used in making string instruments!

Spruce and Maple Ensembles

During first semester, this ensemble includes only students who have completed one or more years of string lessons and are working on their Maple level achievement tassel. In January, beginners who have earned their Spruce level achievement tassel may join the Ensemble, at the recommendation of their teacher.

Ebony-Pernambuco Ensemble

For students who are earning their Ebony and Pernambuco achievement tassels as well as adult string players from the greater Hayward community.

Members of Spruce Ensemble are ready to play at our Winter Welcome Concert