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Dear Prospective Student!

Do you want, or do you know someone who wants, to take music lessons? Lesson registration is now open at NorthWoods Strings for students of all ages and abilities. You can learn to play violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, banjo, ukulele or mandolin with an expert teacher. (Ensembles will take shape later in the year.)

Lesson and instrument rental rates are affordable and, for the 2023/2024 school year, will remain the same as the previous year. We will also continue to offer full and partial scholarships.

Lessons rates are $510 for the school year (September through May) and the rental rate (for NWS students) is $100 for the school year.

Everyone taking lessons at NorthWoods Strings becomes a valued member of the program. It is important to us that we work hard to meet your needs, matching you with the best teacher and offering the best educational opportunities for your musical growth.

Please explore our website for even more information: You can send an email inquiry. Or, simply use this link to register for lessons:  Registration 2023-24 

We have learned that some of our students like the ease of online lessons from time to time, giving students and teachers greater flexibility. 

Finally, we are happy to report that NWS will have 3 teachers on board this school year.  Registration forms are processed in the order they are received.  The sooner we receive yours, the sooner we can match you up with a teacher and the sooner you can reserve a lesson day and time.

We at NorthWoods Strings are looking forward to a great year filled with great music. I hope you are part of it!  Email communication works well and is always welcome.

NorthWoods Strings believes music has the power to bring people together. We recognize and value diversity, and we welcome everyone.

Best Regards,
NorthWoods Strings

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Becky Deters, Executive Director
NorthWoods Strings
PO Box 13081
Hayward, WI 54843

NorthWoods Strings has several goals, including providing a lesson program that is strong, but also one that is supported by many additional musical opportunities to enrich the musical experience of our students.

Our lesson program includes weekly individual lessons with one of our staff. Once starting into the lesson program, the student will begin working through the core of the program, our progression of learning, our tassel program. This program outlines a systematic progression in small enough slices to encourage your student to build their skills with a concrete goal. The first tassel that they work toward is the Spruce tassel. Additional tassels that they can achieve are the Maple, Ebony, and Pernambuco. These tassels are named for the many woods used in making string instruments.

Once they have achieved their Spruce level, and at the recommendation of their teacher, they are welcome to join in our ensembles. These group experiences enhance the lessons, providing a very different and very important set of skills, and we highly encourage all students to join.

Beyond lessons and ensembles, we have our Coffee House performances, where students have a chance to perform individually or in small groups in a small setting that we feel is very supportive and encourages confidence in our students. Individual teachers coordinate with the students to choose when they will perform. We like every student to perform in one of these nights, but they are quite welcome to perform on multiple evenings.

And all of this starts with our lesson program. Please contact us for more information about joining NorthWoods Strings.